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What to Expect with Lash Extensions

What is it about lashes that make us feel so beautiful? There’s nothing like a gorgeous thick set of lashes (along with great brows) that can really enhance your entire face without the need for heavy makeup.


Lash extensions are a commitment and it is important to know all the facts before you get them done. Here at Clique, we are very focused on our lash service and very focused on following the proper protocol.

A full set of lashes takes about two hours to put in place. Each extension is applied to one individual lash; this is why the service takes longer. Because this service is done in the eye area, it is of the utmost importance for our estheticians to protect the eye health of each client. We do that with safety guidelines, including properly sanitized tools and new eye pads for each client.

Some things that the client needs to pay attention to when getting extensions are lash length and correct procedure. We pay special attention to the length of the lash extension, with each one only going 2 mm longer than the client’s natural lash. If the lashes are any longer, it can cause lash breakage and the client needs to be aware of this if they choose to go longer. The lash loss is temporary and will boost back after a few months, but, if you do this time and time again you can damage the lash beyond repair. Also, only one lash extension can be applied to each natural lash or a volume cluster to each lash, but two natural lashes cannot be stuck together. If two natural lashes are stuck together it prematurely pulls out one of the natural lashes before it’s ready to come out. If this is done too many times it can damage the hair follicle.

The ideal candidate for lashes is the woman that is on the go and does not have tons of time in the morning to spend on her makeup. When you wear lash extensions your look is so refined that you don’t need much more than a little brow fill-in and lip gloss. Lash extensions are also ideal for brides and long vacations. If you are going out of the country for a couple of weeks, you can wake up looking beautiful every single day!

Clients that are not good candidates for lashes are those with weak, brittle or thin natural lashes. Also, ladies who are very active with wet or sweaty workouts, such as hot yoga, swimming and other strong cardio regimes. Lastly, ladies that wear a lot of eye makeup are not ideal candidates either.

Clients with lashes can expect to get them re-lashed every two to three weeks. Natural lashes fall out and the new lash that has grown in its place will need a lash extension placed on it. Also, this time of year the humidity strongly negatively affects the adhesive and it doesn’t hold as strong resulting in the loss of the extension before the two week appointment.  This time of year we recommend a re-lash a little sooner than usual.

Lashes are great for small stints of time. Get them on and re-lash them for a few months and then give your natural lashes a rest. We can put them on and keep lashing someone for years as long as they are okay with going very conservative on the length and volume.

Clique offers the best quality lash extensions in town. We also take our time with the service and don’t rush it. This is truly a situation where a great service takes time!

Full Set Lashes: $200
Re-lash: $65 at two week mark and $90 at three week