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The Best Facial for All Skin Types: The Classic Facial

We have officially declared August as skincare month here at Clique. It is so important to focus on your skin now at the end of the summer, after months of sun and heat. Clients come to us with skin feeling dull, dry, oily and fatigued. Facials are a great way to revitalize your skin. With so many variances of skin issues, it is important to have the ability to customize your facial for each individual client’s skin.

Here at Clique, we have facialist whose reputation precedes her: Linda Roppel. Linda has been in the skin business for 32 years and has created the ultimate in skincare services here, especially with her Classic Facial.

The Classic Facial is a 90-minute service starts with a one on one in-depth analysis of the client’s skin. Using a variety of serums and masks, Linda then zeroes in on multiple issues the client is concerned about, as well as what she sees that needs immediate attention. What makes this facial unique are the different modalities of tools used to perform deep cleansing or to allow high grade serums to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. Linda also has a high level of knowledge of performing extractions.

Depending on the skin type, the custom facial also uses different forms of LED light treatment. Red LED treatment addresses hyperpigmentation, dehydration and extensive broken capillaries. Blue LED treatment in the form of microcurrent or thermal heat uses vibration which calms acneic skin’s redness and reduces bacteria.

Here at Clique, we believe a facial should be a whole body experience. As Linda says, “People are shocked by the amount of stress they carry around which is why I include an arm and hand massage, as well as legs, feet and finally scalp. Watching their tension just slowly melt away is so rewarding. Massaging the face and neck becomes this rhythmic “dance” so to speak, which is my favorite part.”

Linda sees a tremendous benefit to blending various serums, masks etc. More importantly, she sees huge benefits from her “secret tools” to further enhance the outcome of the client’s skin. Clients leave feeling completely rejuvenated and glowing which lasts far beyond a few days.

The most common problems treated range from extremely dehydrated, oversensitized skin to all forms of acneic skin ranging from mild breakouts and blackheads to more serious cases involving extractions of already infected areas which is usually accompanied by inflammation. A good facialist has the knowledge of how to calm the skin down so the client does not leave flushed or seeing every place there was an extraction. Important to note, she will suggest when a dermatologist should be consulted.

The ideal maintenance schedule for facials is usually every six weeks. Once a month is recommended if the client is concentrating on getting a specific problem under control or maintaining skin as a preventative measure.

This service lasts for 90 minutes