30 Minutes to Better, More Radiant Skin: The Micro Facial Peel

What if we told you that you can have better, more radiant skin with a quick 30 minute procedure? No, it’s not plastic surgery, it’s a peel. More specifically, it’s our Micro Facial Peel.

For most of us, the term “peel” conjures up images of extreme dryness and flakiness on the facial area. It also invokes feelings of a major cosmetic procedure, one that is long and involved. These notions could not be further from the truth.

In truth, peels are a wonderful addition to your skincare regimen and a definite aid to your skin’s natural shedding process. Peels have so many benefits for your skin, including pore minimization, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improved sun spots and radiant skin appearance. And, all of this happens with a simple, painless thirty minute procedure and no downtime.

What Happens During the Peel Procedure?

The peel procedure begins with some light dermaplaning, which removes the light hairs on your face and dead skin, letting your skin better absorb the peel products. The facial area is then massaged for increased circulation and lymphatic benefits. From there, the liquid peel product is applied on your face. We have several different peel options depending on your skin type and desired results. The peel product dries clear on your face in minutes. There are from one to three layers of the peel that are administered, depending on the level of peel you want. The more layers, the stronger the peel is.

This entire process takes less than half an hour. Clients are able to walk out and continue about their day.


The client is asked to not wash their face for 24 hours, to allow the peel and serums to soak in completely. No exfoliants should be used for 72 hours after your peel. If we use a stronger peel the face will start peeling two to five days later. It is a minor inconvenience and is important to keep the skin hydrated during this time. The skin is left radiant and anew several days after. There is also no sun exposure for five days after getting a peel — this is important to note when you are making your appointment.

Peels are for every skin type and can benefit everyone. They are a wonderful addition to your skincare routine, providing the best source of exfoliation. This is not like getting a facial, only because the treatment is so fast. It is every bit as relaxing as a full-blown facial, however, just quicker. The effects of the Micro Facial Peel are long-lasting as well, with up to two weeks of glowing fresh skin.

Micro Facial Peel:  $80

Procedure lasts 30 minutes