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6 Great Winter Skin Saver Tips

Winter is coming… and we all know what that means. It means that our skin is about to take a beating, as the cold, snow and wind are not very kind to our sensitive skin. We asked our skincare expert, Linda Roppel to give us her favorite Winter Skin Saver tips.

Six Winter Skin Saver Tips

  1. Cut back on over-exfoliating, especially the usage of Retin-a and Retinols, which cause more flaking and redness with cold weather.
  2. Buy several travel sizes of spray toner plastic bottles (usually Walmart, Target). Fill with toner or Rosewater to spritz skin throughout the day. This will calm inflammation and help prevent dehydration. Keep these bottles in your car, gym bags and purse so it’s always on hand. This is great to do while traveling, even over make up.
  3. Buy glycerin over the counter in its purest form. Glycerin is found in every beauty product out there.  Add a small amount of pure glycerin to any moisturizer/toner/body lotion and watch how it works as a humectant, enabling the skin to feel hydrated for hours longer. Due to its thickness, the ratio of using glycerin would be one part glycerin to three parts of whatever you are putting it in.
  4. For those super dry, chapped lips, use an electric toothbrush with a cleanser and rub gently across your lips. Follow with any type of heavy treatment gel.
  5. Incorporate a serum with hydrating properties under moisturizer to kick up the action of moisturizer, therefore using less. Always “pat” serums or moisturizers into the skin, then spread whatever residual is left.
  6. Get facials using LED light to penetrate Hyaluronic acid deep into the upper layers of the epidermis. This process targets intense hydration along with calming inflammation.

Come see Linda in person for one of her fantastic facials and invaluable advice. Until then, use these tips to keep your skin in tip top shape this winter.