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Spring Clean Your Makeup Drawer!

Spring has sprung! (Finally!) Now is the time for sun, rain, flowers and spring cleaning. While you are cleaning your house top to bottom and Marie Kondo’ing your closets, pay some attention to your makeup drawer as well. On average, women only wear about 20% of their makeup regularly. That leaves 80% in your drawer that is old, out of style and simply unused.

It’s hard to not get sentimental or hopeful when you go through your own makeup. That special red lipstick that you wear for dressy occasions, keep it. The glitter eye shadow that you think you are going to wear on your next girls night out, but probably don’t have the guts to, toss it. All those palettes – do you actually use them?

The first step is to throw out anything that is “expired”, similar to throwing away expired food out of your refrigerator.

Mascara: 6 Months
Foundation: 1 Year
Eyeshadow/Blush: 2 years
Lipstick/Lip Gloss: 1-2 Years
Lip/Eye Pencil Liner: 1-2 Years

Next, pare what is left in your inventory to just the essentials. Think of your essentials as what you pack when you travel. You probably notice that when you are going on a trip, you just pack the things you use and that always works out fine. You don’t need all the fancy upper eyelid highlighter, or the special gold dust lip gloss. Stick to the essentials that you wear every day. (And keep a few of your favorites as well).

If you are not sure where to start with your “essential” list, we recommend that you always have these five things in your makeup drawer:


1. Brow pencil

As we all know, brows make the face. Clique’s pencils come in five shades and are available at both our locations.

2. Concealer

Easier than foundation, concealer does the trick for redness, blemishes, undereye dark circles and any other imperfections.

3. Mascara

Mascara, along with a great brow, is all you really need for your eyes to pop.

4. Lipstick or Lip gloss

Like mascara, lip color finishes the look.

5. Blush or Bronzer

Either product works to brighten the complexion.


Here’s our advice: The best makeup you can have is your own complexion. Invest the time and money in a good skincare regime and you will need minimal makeup.

While you are purging your drawer, take a minute and wash your brushes. Germs and dirt are taking up a lot of space on those brushes. If you really want to commit, wash them once a week.



Need help with your makeup? We are now offering makeup services through our Creative Director Daniel Strasser. This would be a good time to book appointments for prom, Derby or graduation.

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