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Can I get a brow tint that looks natural?

Darkness is a common issue when it comes to brow tinting. There are several reasons why a brow tint can end up being too dark. In this Notes From Your Esthetician series, we will explore some of the reasons why this might happen.

One reason why a brow tint might be too dark is that the technician left it on for too long. Brow tinting is a delicate process that requires careful timing. Leaving the tint on for too long can result in a darker color than intended.

Another reason why a brow tint might be too dark is that the color used was too dark for the client’s skin tone or hair color. Choosing the right color is crucial in brow tinting. The technician should take into consideration the client’s natural brow color, skin tone, and hair color when selecting the tint color. If the color is too dark, it can make the brows look harsh and unnatural.

The developer used can also affect the darkness of the brow tint. Developers come in different strengths, and using a higher strength developer than recommended can lead to a darker color than intended.

To achieve the perfect shade of brow tint, technicians must observe all three factors mentioned above: timing, color selection, and developer strength. They should start with the lightest color and build up gradually until the desired shade is achieved, usually leaving it on longer on the ends. It is crucial to check with the client throughout the process to ensure they are happy with the color and that it suits their natural brow color and skin tone. A stain remover should be used after to clean up around the brow and ensure that the final look is crisp. Call up your nearest CLIQUE Boutique location and ask to see their brow specialist.