Janna Flowers

Janna is a visionary with a deep passion for building a team of exceptional estheticians, developing the best products and creating a strong brand in the beauty industry.  With several years in the beauty industry she has established herself as a leader in the industry, known for her commitment to excellence and her ability to inspire and motive women everywhere.  She is dedicated to creating a spa experience that is both luxurious and results-driven with a home skincare routine to compliment those services.  She has carefully curated a team of talented professionals, each with a unique skill set and area of expertise, and is committed providing them with ongoing education and professional development opportunities.

Personally, Janna loves getting one of our polish or routine services.   It’s her go-to service bi-monthly that keeps her skin glowing and goes a long way in the self care department.  As a women that has struggled with adult acne she credits that and a curated CLIQUE Beauty home routine to keeping her skin clear.

In her spare time, Janna loves to go hiking and spend time outdoors with her daughter, Naomi, and her husband, Myron.  You also might find her patio sitting at a local cafe sipping espresso or riding around town on her mint green Vespa.  She may love to be glamorous on the outside, but nature is close to her heart.

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