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Clique Concierge

Rona Osman

Rona has been a long time client of CLIQUE and has always found skincare to be a fun, therapeutic and a necessary routine in her daily life. In her words, “I feel like our skin is a beautiful canvas that we can always learn about and beautify in ways healthiest for us. In the last few years I think people stopped wearing as much makeup as they did before to really put importance on the biggest canvas on our bodies.”

When she’s not at work you can find her riding her bike around the city and creating Arabic calligraphy and impressionist floral pieces with acrylic paints. A fun fact about Rona is when she was a baby, Muhammad Ali came to her house and she even has a photo of him holding her while making a fist!

When asked what her favorite service was she said, “Dermaplaning, the polish, and the classic facial! Had to choose 3! Always feel brand new and ready to take on the world afterward.”